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  3. Max5. 5-min by subway to Oodori & Susukino!

Max5. 5-min by subway to Oodori & Susukino!

Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido
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Kids Friendly
Kids allowed. (Please refer to the House Rules.)
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lai yung wong
Hong Kong
the environment is great ans nice

Nearby landmarks

Approx. 0.89 km from Nakajima Park
Approx. 2.14 km from Susukino
Approx. 0.15 km from Sapporo Shiei Nakanoshima Station
Approx. 0.48 km from Sapporo Shiei Horohirabashi Station
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Room type

Max5. 5-min by subway to Oodori & Susukino!
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Private roomNon-smoking roomSofa bedTraditional futonSinglePrivate bathroom50 m²
Additional guests:3
JPY 3,000 per additional guest/day
Nightly Rate
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JPY 8,000
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powered by
lai yung wong
Hong Kong
the environment is great ans nice
Hong Kong
The bedroom is on the floor with exquisite corner lights but the worst, the worst and unacceptable is that my child's soles are quickly becoming black (no child's home shoes), because the floor is full of dust, the bathroom and the porch are also on the ground. The homeowner said that the wind flew into the house, the child would still sit on the ground, the whole house floor was dust, which is clearly not clean! !
Host Response
耀光 陳
The host is very friendly, the people are very kind, the location is very close to the station, there are also convenience stores nearby, the equipment inside is very good, will recommend to others

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Luggage storage(Paid service)Parking lot(Paid service)ElevatorStair accessLaundromat(Free)Drying machines(Free)Portable WiFi(Free)Plug adapterLockerAirport pick-upNo smokingKids Friendly
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Check-in Information

Self check-inEarly check-in available (confirm with host in advance)

Check-in Rules

Check-in time16:00 - 21:00Check-out time10:00

Penalty Fee

Penalty for lost keys: JPY 20,000
Penalty for lost portable WiFi routers: JPY 20,000
Late check-out fee (per hour): JPY 5,000


Please note: the host does not provide invoices or receipts.

House Rules

If you violate these rules, compensation may be imposed, regardless of intent or negligence violation.
Please read carefully. If there is something you can not understand, please be sure to ask a question.

【Please carefully read the email we send】
After reservation is made, we will send email with address, method of entering, notes on accommodation and rules, etc from us. (This email is different that automatically sent from the booking site such as the "booking completion mail" etc.)
Since very important things are written, please be sure to thoroughly read everything and share information with the members of the group.
If you can not receive email or if you have any questions, please contact us before check-in.

【Please report the right number of people】
Please make a reservation at the right number of people.
More than 2 years old child are hotel charges same as one adult.
Please report the number of people of child exactly.
When number of people excess is found out after check-in, you must pay the hotel charges twice as much for the excess number of people.
If you cannot pay, you will be reported to the police.
Bed making will be based on the number of guests booked.

【About the car parking】
When you come to the house by car, please contact me beforehand by all means.
Please use the nearby paid parking lot for parking.
When you do not follow the rule, a indemnity may be demanded.

【How to enter the house】
You need get the key yourself from the key box.
You can get the key box code by the web.
We inform you the URL for get the code by email in advance.
Please note that you can not enter the room just by knowing the address.
Please note that we can not answer about the code for security reasons even if you make an inquiry by phone or email.

Check-in is from 16:00 until 21:00.
Extra charges may apply for early or late check-in.
Tell me at the time of booking if you wish to enter before 16 o'clock.

【Check out】
Please check out till 10:00.
Past the 10 o'clock, it takes Cleaning fee.
Tell me that People who wish to after 10 o'clock at the time of booking.
Depending on the time you wish, it will be charged.

【Guidance of stay】
Since footsteps echo, please use elevator. Use stairs only in emergency.
Take off your shoes in the room. Please change to slippers.
No smoking in the building. If you smoke, a separate cleaning fee will be charged.
Use toilet paper only In the toilet. If you clog the toilet, you will be charged for repair costs.
Please do not enter except reserved guests in house.
Please do not enter the place where "Staff Only" is sign, regardless of whether it is locked or not.
There are the neighbors. Please do not issue a loud voice, television, music.

【About the use of the electric appliance】
When the breaker triped, special operations such as boiler inspection are necessary, so can not recover by yourself.
If the breaker triped, it costs 4,000 yen to recover!
The breaker will trips when you use the electric appliance a lot at a time.
Because use electricity is big in particular, Air conditioner, Induction cooker, Microwave oven, Toaster oven, Electric heater, Washing machine, Hair dryer, please not to use it as possible at once time.
Please be sure to power off the lights and heater in unused room.

Please do not bring out the garbage from the house.
All the garbage disposes by us.
Please do not throw trash on the floor.
Japan rule about garbage separation is very strict. The separation is categorized into four different types of garbage and recyclables.
1. Burnable garbage
2. Plastic (free coffee potion, trays, plastic bags etc)
3. Bottles and cans (Plastic bottles, glass, steel)
4. Paper (but dirty tissue and paper diapers are burnable garbage)

【Use of the kitchen】
The carry in your foods or use the tools that do not with fire is freely.
Do not the carry in of a portable gas stove. In consideration of the danger of the fire, we prohibit it.
Please be careful not to bring out the equipment of our house with you by mistake.
If loss is found, you may be required to pay compensation later.
Please wash and return to the original place what was used in the kitchen.
Please contact us if there is trouble (malfunction of the machine, Corruption of tableware)

★Please be sure to report when dishes or mugs are destroyed.
With little damage, we will not claim compensation.
However, we want to grasp that there are dangerous goods.
When you check out while there is no declaration, you may be demanded a indemnity.

【Free coffee】
Espresso machine, please use in the room.
Use , but only for drinks in the room.
Please do not take home a coffee potion.

【When you go out】
★Please be sure to turn off the all heaters when you go out or check out! If you don't it, penalty will be charged!!
In winter, to prevent fires, staff will make sure if all heaters are turnd off when you are out. (We will contact you in advance, but will also be executed with no response from the guest because it is a serious matter related to human life.)
A penalty of 10,000 yen will be charged if you go out with keeping on the heaters. Please be careful.
Also please turn off all IH stoves, Air conditioner, stoves, lighting and other home appliances.
Please tighten the all faucet.
Please close the all windows and lock the door.

【Before departure】
Please separate rubbish and dump it correctly.
Please return all of the equipment to its original position.
Please do not leave things in the fridge.
Please return the Mobile Wi-Fi to its original position.(Please do not take home a mobile Wi-Fi.If the return from post, it will charge a fee for use of up to between the return)
Please close and lock the window.
Please turn off the power of all of the appliances(Heaters, Air conditioner, Lightings).
Please close all faucets.
Do you have everything?
Please lock the door, and back to the key box.

【TAXI arrangement ( Reception : 9:00 - 21:00 )】
I will arrange a taxi if you hope it. The commission costs is 1000 yen.
Please tell me the number of the taxis, and the destination.
For sightseeing season taxi reservations may be full. Please make plans in advance and ask to us as soon as possible.

【About the tourist information】
We do not guide the tourist information.
Please make a travel plan on your own.
We preparing the guide book.
Email me if you have a question.
In the case of accident or injury , please contact the public agency.

We will not bear full responsibility for the accidents and the something theft inside my house.
During your stay, the host may enter the staff room to check or restock amenities. Please note that.

Reminder: All guests have to show passport to verify identity when checking in. Accommodation tax or bathing tax may be charged on-site depending on the city.


This apartment is a 1-minute walk from "Nakanoshima Station" on the subway Nanboku Line. This station is next to Nakajima Koen Station, a famous tourist destination in Sapporo. Even without taking the subway, it is a 5-minute walk from my house to Nakajima Park.
5 minutes by subway to central Sapporo (JR Sapporo Station or Odori Park).
There are many restaurants, convenience stores, and drug stores around the room, including a supermarket directly connected to the subway, so recommended for long-term stays.
If you use the airport direct bus from New Chitose Airport, you can easily reach the nearest bus stop ("Nakanoshima-jinja mae", 3 minutes on foot) without having to change trains.
The apartment has an elevator.
Equipped with air conditioner, heater and washlet toilet.
There is washer (Detergent and softener are free).
The kitchen has cooking utensils such as frying pans and knives, tableware, refrigerator, microwave oven, toaster and coffee maker.
The bathroom has a shampoo, body soap, bath towel, hairdryer.
Washing machine, iron, etc. are also provided, so please feel free to use it for also business trips.
The bedroom has two single beds.
And there are a sofa bed and futons.
Sleeps up to 5 people.

Cancellation Policy

How do I know the cancellation policy for this room type?

There will be different cancellation rules for each room type. You can see the detailed regulations by clicking the Cancel Policy or the free cancellation text in the room type information.

What should I do if I want to amend or cancel this booking?

Once a booking is complete, you will find a link to the member center in your booking confirmation email where you can check/print your booking details or cancellations. If you want to modify your order, please cancel the original order first and then set up a new one.

Refund Information

For refunds due to cancellations or early checkouts will refund your original payment method (including credit card, ATM transfer and digital wallets) as long as the refund policy are complied with. Please allow a few business days after we receive the item to process your return and credit your payment. Refund timeline to credit cards depends on the progress of individual credit card companies in their account settlement, which would take about 3 to 14 working days. ATM refund would take about 3 to 5 working days. The refunds of e-wallets, digital wallets, or the other payment system will base on the service provider.