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User Privacy Protection Statement
This website (, in accordance with the “Personal Information Protection Act” of the Republic of China and this privacy protection statement, has strengthened the relevant protective measures regarding the collection and use of consumer and personal information. But we would also like to solemnly remind you: Please do not disclose your personal information on the Internet because such information may be collected and used by others; in particular, disclosure of your personal identity, passwords or emails on public Internet forums such as chat rooms and message boards should be avoided.
The Collection and Use of Personal Information

When you visit and its related websites, you are not required to provide your personal information, but we may acquire your personal information through the following services we provide:

▪ Membership registration: Lodging travelers will automatically gain membership after completing their first transactions. You can also register as a member by setting up an account. During the registration process, we may collect your personal information such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address, your unique login account and password. The purposes of collecting this information are 1) personal identification 2) to complete a booking with the owner 3) to allow to contact you when necessary in order to provide customer services 4) to notify you via email or SMS of the account registration and various bookings you made on (Please properly keep safe your membership account and password; do not provide the above information to anyone; and please log out of your account when you finish using If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, please remember to close your browser to prevent others from seeing the information on your computer or acquiring the access to your account).
▪ Booking and ordering: When you make a booking with, we will ask you to login with your email account and password in order to verify your personal identifiable information (such as name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address) and fill in your credit card number, expiration date and billing address, and we will use this information to process your booking. When you return to, we will also ask you to enter your email address and order number to allow you to access the booking information.
▪ Browsing Activities: This website will automatically record users' browsing activities in the website and other related information. These data will only be used for traffic analysis and online behavior investigation, in order to improve the quality of services of this website.

To provide you with more complete, more diverse and preferential goods or services, your personal information may be used between us, our subsidiaries and their entrusted third parties to process business-related matters, for mutual use and disclosure in the process of joint sales. The personal information obtained by are only for use by this website internally following the originally stated purposes and scope of use. will not provide your personal information to third parties or for any other purposes, unless with a prior explanation or in accordance with the provision of the relevant laws of the Republic of China.

Customer information storage and custody
Your personal information is securely stored in’s database system. At the same time, anyone wishes to access and use the information is required to do so under the rules of information authorization management stipulated by Anyone who is not within the scope of the authorization will not be able to access the information through the authorization control system.
Changes or deletion of customer information
If your personal information has changed, you may modify the information in “My Home Page”, unless there is a concern of your account being hacked or fraud. To delete your account, please email to
Information Security and Measures of Protection
We use the best technology to protect your personal data. We use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) mechanism (256bit) for data transfer encryption, and have installed a firewall to prevent illegal invasion, in order to protect your personal information from being accessed illegally.
Subject of Customer Data Disclosure
Your personal data will not be disclosed, rented, or sold to any other third party, but will be used only between us, our subsidiary and its entrusted third party to process business-related matters, for mutual use and disclosure in the process of joint sales.
Information Security and Protection Verification
We always value information security and protection. We implement the setup and maintenance of protective measures and information security verification to ensure that your information is under multi-layer security control and achieve the highest standard of protection.
Purpose of customer information use
To provide you with more complete and varied services and promotions, we will as permitted by law share your personal information with our subsidiary to conduct joint sales.
To provide a better service that suits your needs, we use the cookies technology to receive and record server values on your browser, including IP Address and Cookies, in providing work related to product updates and web services optimization.
Customer Information Exit Options
If you do not wish to receive any further activity content and product promotion information, you may also email us or call our Customer Service Center. We will add a note to your personal information and cease to apply your personal information to the joint sales activities of
Revisions to Privacy Protection Policy reserves the right to change the contents of this statement. We will, in addition to announcing the revised statement at the same location on our website, notify the members individually and separately. If you have any questions about this privacy protection policy, please contact us directly. Please contact us through: