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Miss Milu Backpackers Inn

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Luggage storage
Pets allowed

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Address: Taichung City Waipu District Section 5, Jiahou Road - See map (After a booking is confirmed, the complete address can be found in the Booking Success Letter.)

Transportation and surroundings

6.3km from LIHPAO Discovery Land
6.7km from Yuemei sightseeing sugar
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Services & Facilities

Most popular facilities

Luggage storage(Free)
Parking lot
Stair access
Drying machines
Portable WiFi
Plug adapter
Airport pick-up
Pets allowed
No smoking
Kids Friendly
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Public refrigerator
WiFi in public areas
Communal area

Food & Drink

Public Kitchen

Safety & Security

Smoke detector
Escape equipment
Fire extinguisher
First-aid kit
Carbon monoxide detector

Languages spoken


Check-in Information

Self check-in
Host or reception assist check-in
Does not accept early check-in
Stay with host

Check-in Rules

Check-in time

18:00  - 21:00

Check-out time


Host or reception assist check-in

18:00 - 21:00

Penalty Fee

Penalty for lost keys: TWD 500

Late check-out fee (per hour): TWD 100


The host can provide a receipt in person if needed.

House Rules

We completely non-smoking, please junior partner with! Thank you!
Our family has raised 3 cats microphone, welcome you looking for them to play, but please do not bully them! Thank you!
We provide all the items please do not take away from our house, and please be a virtuous customer thank you!!!


Air-conditioned room: 3F1 room and 3F II room, other space without air conditioning !!
Detailed room type and price please refer to: "麋鹿小姐背包客棧" Facebook fan page !!(
(With indoor parking spaces * 1 & locomotive parking spaces * 2, there are free large parking lots under the entrance viaduct)
Our location: No. 68, Lane 72, Lane 130, Jiawei Road, Taizhong City, Taichung City
Please love with google & facebook, search / positioning "麋鹿小姐背包客棧" can help you find our home faster!
※ If you do not know the way, please contact us at the bus stop (Chen Ji beef noodle) and wait for me !!

Welcome to travel partners, to our house to rest and charge, exchange travel meet the food and interesting!
Remind you:
1. We do not offer breakfast, we have a lot of breakfast shop near the optional.
2. When you finish making your reservation, we are ready for your clean room, comfortable bed and fresh drinking water awaiting your arrival! (Hot water on the second floor staircase yo!)
3. unsubscribe rules "all" in accordance with the provisions of AsiaYo!
4. of course, you are welcome to make your reservation!
5. Please confirm your date and number of rooms, AsiaYo will automatically help you calculate the price!
1. Welcome backpackers, roundabout, pilgrims stay !!
2. Living room - sofa surfing: mail NT.550 yuan / person! (Including cleaning service and bath milk shampoo & hair dryer & sofa one (the sofa is not a sofa bed!) And public space use)
3. No. 3 room book special offer 650 yuan / bed !!
We also accept the expertise of the lodging, + I told yo !! (Elk Miss Line ID: 7521448)

All our bathrooms are outside the room, and the beds are standard size, height 180 or more Please consider your own discretion!

Because of environmental and personal hygiene reasons, we do not provide private hygiene products, such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, razor, if necessary, please also bring their own!
If you really need to use and forget the band, we have 7-11 outside can help you!

We have provided shampoo & shower gel & washing powder & dishwasher!

No smoking
Full no smoking !!!! No smoking !!!! No smoking !!!!
Home with a total of three large and small cat, welcome to come to the cat to play!
Please reduce the volume after 11 o'clock every night!

Before You came :::
Miss Milu Backpacker Hostel - Guest Agreement
[Guide for booking]: (Please be sure to read the rules and make further reservations)
1. When booking a room, please settle the payment within two days and complete the questionnaire and return it to the fan page helper.
2. At check-in, you need to show your identity card or passport (you need to have a photo of the passenger) to check in, thank you for your cooperation.
3. The reserved bed check-in time is 18:00-21:00. If you need to book another time, please check the contact at least 1 day before the hotel, and the reply will be subject to the hotel. If you do not contact the confirmation, you will be given the same as the check-in. Will be canceled automatically.
4. The address of the store is subject to google map. Please confirm the location with the store before the agreed arrival time. If you need to lead the road or pick up the bus, please inform in advance.
5. If you wish to check in early or check out on the day of check-in, please inform at least one day in advance and the hotel will reply.
6. Passengers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult or provide parental consent and attach an autograph to check in.
7. Infants and young children who do not occupy the bed in this store are free of charge. Parents need to bring their own baby products. This shop does not provide them.
8. The room cannot be accommodated in the house.
9. All the room types in the store are all elegant, and the toilets and toilets are used together.
10. We do not provide breakfast service, and there are many breakfast shops nearby.
11. This shop is an environmentally friendly hotel. We do not provide toothbrush, toothpaste and towels. Please use it if you need to use it.
12. This shop is forbidden to occupy non-self-beds without authorization. Offenders are charged a cleaning fee of NT$300 to 500, etc. (by bed type)
13. This shop is a hotel, arrange the room type according to the company's regulations, and inform the passengers. If there are special needs, please inform and arrange as much as possible, but there is no guarantee that it can fully meet the special needs of each passenger. If you have any inconvenience, please forgive me.

[Check-in Code]:
1. To ensure the quality of accommodation, no food is allowed in the room.
2. There are cat clerk in the store. Please be sure to close the doors and windows and lock them to prevent the cat from going out.
3. Please don't feed the cat in the store. Please talk softly to the cat. Please play with the cat and respect the cat's wishes.
4. In accordance with government decrees, smoking, gambling and drug use are prohibited in the whole building.
5. Visitor time is from 10:00 to 22:00. Visitors can be active in the counter lobby and saloon.
6. For the hotel's hotel, please use the self-help spirit of the backpacker and respect other passengers. Please keep it clean and tidy.

[Check out the code]:
1. Before check-out time is 11:00, the hourly rate will be NT$100, and the hour will not be reached.
2. All keys and all items rented to the store during the check-in period must be returned upon check-out. After all the items have been returned and the items in the room have not been damaged, they can leave.
3. Those who have not agreed to take away or destroy the goods in this store are deemed to have stolen. The store will be sent according to law and will be compensated for the loss.

[Rescheduled and Unsubscribed Policy]:
1. Cancellation of reservations on the 7th (inclusive) before the check-in date, the store will refund 100% of the total room rate paid (excluding the platform service fee).
2. If you cancel your reservation within 6 days (including), you will deduct the full amount of the reservation.
3. In case of serious natural disasters, you must check out. The store will refund 100% of the total room rate paid (excluding the platform service fee) in accordance with the Code, in accordance with the government announcement.
4. The rescheduled period should be notified to the store and the scheduled time 3 days before the check-in. Otherwise, the room and service fee will not be refunded.
5. If the house price after the resale period is higher than the original time, please make up the difference. If the house price is lower than the original time, the difference will not be refunded.

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Cancellation Policy

What should I do if I want to amend or cancel this booking?

Once a booking is complete, you will find a link in your Booking Success Letter to manage your order. Through this link, you can check/print your booking details, or make changes/cancellations (does not apply to changes made three days prior to the check-in day).

Cancellation Policy

Please note! The cancellation policy is a contract entered into by and between the property owner and the customer, as agreed upon by the customer after he/she has read the contract in detail. is only responsible for providing transaction platform services, and will not assume any direct or indirect responsibilities or obligations for any terms of the room booking contract.

Guests who cancel the booking 14 days prior to check-in day are eligible for 100% refund of amount paid from the host.
Guests who cancel the booking 7 - 13 days prior to check-in day are eligible for 50% refund of amount paid from the host.
Guests who cancel the booking 1 - 6 days prior, or do not show up on check-in day are not eligible for a refund from the host.

Example: guest has a booking for April 20th, but cancels before April 6th, 23:59 (UTC +8:00), the guest will receive full refund.

Refund Information

1. All refunds due to cancellation, modification of booking or early departure will be refunded in accordance with your original preferred payment method (including credit card, UnionPay card and ATM transfer) as long as the provisions of the refund policy are complied with. Refund timeline to credit cards depends on the progress of individual credit card companies in their account settlement, which would take about 5 to 7 working days. ATM refund can be credited on the same day of refund.

2. If the accommodation of your booking is in Taiwan region and the payment currency displayed in the booking details is TWD, any cancellation/change to booking giving rise to a refund will incur a cancellation fee of TWD 100 payable to AsiaYo. If the accommodation of your booking is NOT in Taiwan region or the payment currency displayed in the booking details is NOT TWD, any cancellation/change to booking giving rise to a refund will incur a cancellation fee of 3% of the total room charges (after deduction of any discount) paid to AsiaYo. The cancellation fee includes administrative fee, refund service fee and remittance fee, etc.

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