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Yu Yuu House · Powder · Ume

Osaka-shi, Osaka Prefecture
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Kids Friendly
Kids allowed. (Please refer to the House Rules.)
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凱云 陳
Very good environment, very cute Totoro, the most satisfying place for this family trip is this travel accommodation, I like all of them, I want to come back next time.

Nearby landmarks

Approx. 3.77 km from Harukas 300
Approx. 3.95 km from Tennoji Zoo
Approx. 0.29 km from Nankai Kohama Station
Approx. 0.29 km from Hankai Higashi-Kohama Station
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Room type

Station 3 min walk Namba direct 8 min ☆ 2 toilet 2 bathroom ☆ 100 square meters over luxurious guest house private house Yu Yu house powder beach · plum
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Minimum stay:2
Private roomNon-smoking roomTraditional futonSinglePrivate bathroom108 m²
Additional guests:5
JPY 2,800 per additional guest/day
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凱云 陳
Very good environment, very cute Totoro, the most satisfying place for this family trip is this travel accommodation, I like all of them, I want to come back next time.
Hong Kong
Living here reminds me of my childhood, I really like this feeling, the children also like it very much, I am very satisfied with it, I like it, push ~~
興成 林
A lovely place, the decoration in the room is so cute, the children like it too, recommend it to families with children, it is very good.

Services & Facilities

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Luggage storageParking lot(Free)ElevatorStair accessLaundromatDrying machinesPortable WiFiPlug adapterLockerAirport pick-upNo smokingKids Friendly
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Check-in Information

Self check-inHost or reception assist check-inDoes not accept early check-in

Check-in Rules

Check-in time15:00 - 23:00Check-out time11:00

Host or reception assist check-in

15:00 - 23:00


Please note: the host does not provide invoices or receipts.

House Rules

. Please keep quiet
. Please feel free to use the items in the room.
. If you are not a guest, you will not be able to enter the room.
. It is forbidden to take away the items in the accommodation.

Reminder: All guests have to show passport to verify identity when checking in. Accommodation tax or bathing tax may be charged on-site depending on the city.


★ Close to the train station, just 3 minutes walk
★Namba line 8 minutes from Namba
★ Sumiyoshi Taisha 8-minute walk
★Free portable Wifi
★ offer a small garage
★ Baby products available
★ fully equipped kitchen with cooking
The renovation of the traditional houses of the shopping street in Kobashi, the Sumiyoshi Shrine will be within walking distance and deeply in the Osaka culture.
This is the best choice for family and group travel.
It is a 3-minute walk from Otaru Station on the Nankai Main Line of the nearest station!
5 minutes walk from Tamade Station of Subway Yotsubashi Line!
Convenient to Namba, Umeda and Kansai Airport!
We have prepared detailed traffic guides and surrounding information.
Welcome your reservation.

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