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NEW ! Yomitanson Resort, Near Blue Cave, 2 Parking

Nakagami-gun, Okinawa
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Kids Friendly
Kids allowed. (Please refer to the House Rules.)
Entire House
Enjoy the entire house with full privacy
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Lin-li-wei Lin
The layout is quite suitable for staying with family or three or five friends. There is a kitchenette and bar counter, can prepare some ingredients to cook for themselves and have a drink with family or three or five friends.

Nearby landmarks

Approx. 2.6 km from Zakimi Castle
Approx. 5.72 km from Cape Zanpa
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Room type

NEW ! Yomitanson Resort, Near Blue Cave, 2 Parking
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Entire houseNon-smoking roomSofa bedTraditional futonDouble bedPrivate bathroom97 m²
Additional guests:7
JPY 2,756 per additional guest/day
Nightly Rate
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JPY 21,825
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Lin-li-wei Lin
The layout is quite suitable for staying with family or three or five friends. There is a kitchenette and bar counter, can prepare some ingredients to cook for themselves and have a drink with family or three or five friends.
世采 陳
The interior of the house is very spacious and the location is very good. There are a lot of shops nearby. The environment is very clean and not too noisy. It is very warm to live and will come to live next time.
andy 孫
The environment is very comfortable, the accommodation is very beautiful, the equipment is very new and perfect, the cleanliness is good, the price is very high, it is recommended.

Services & Facilities

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Luggage storageParking lot(Free)ElevatorStair accessLaundromat(Free)Drying machinesPortable WiFi(Free)Plug adapterLockerAirport pick-upNo smokingKids Friendly
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Check-in Information

Self check-inDoes not accept early check-in

Check-in Rules

Check-in time15:00Check-out time11:00

Penalty Fee

Penalty for lost keys: JPY 5,000
Penalty for lost portable WiFi routers: JPY 30,000
Late check-out fee (per hour): JPY 5,000


Please note: the host does not provide invoices or receipts.

House Rules

1. The check-out time is strictly 11 AM.
※Even if you are still in the room, the cleaning personnel will enter the room and start cleaning up without any notification.
2. After 9 PM especially, please lower your voices and try not to be loud.
3. Before you enter the room, make sure you take off your shoes; shoes are strictly prohibited in the room.
4. During your stay, if something breaks or goes missing, I will ask you to pay an additional fee.
5. Letting anyone else in the room who isn't a staying guest is prohibited.
6. Smoking in the room is not allowed. Please smoke on the balcony.
7. When you leave the room, please remember to turn off the AC, lights, TV, other electrical appliances, and close the windows.
8. Since my room isn't a hotel, please clean up after yourself (cleaning is only done before and after your stay).
9. Please do not flush anything in the toilet other than toilet paper.
10. If you break anything in the room, please contact me immediately.
11. Please remember to confirm you have all your belongings when checking out. If I find it after you leave, it is possible to ship to you but it will incur high costs.
12. If you leave anything after check-out that cannot be disposed of regularly, I will ask for an additional cleaning fee (such as a suitcase).
13. Dyeing your hair in my place is prohibited.
14. Please do not take anything home with you. If you accidentally take something home, please send it back immediately. In case you take it home, it will count as losing an item and a fee will incur.
15. When leaving the room, remember to lock the door.
16. Please do not lose the key. If you are worried about losing it, you can return it to its original position before leaving.

Reminder: All guests have to show passport to verify identity when checking in. Accommodation tax or bathing tax may be charged on-site depending on the city.


Welcome to the Okinawa Yomitanson area!
Here you can enjoy the crystal clear ocean view and night sky filled with stars!
In order to help you create unforgettable memories in Okinawa, I will do my best to support you~
Yomitanson, the area in which my house is located, includes a place called Zanpamisaki which has a great view, even for Okinawa standards. As well as simply enjoying the view normally, you could definitely spend a romantic time here~
Also, you can enjoy the crystal clear Zanpa Beach, almost as if you are transported to a tropical country!
I hope you have a wonderful trip~~!
My room is a 3LDK which has 1 Japanese style room and 2 western style rooms, dining room, as well as two toilet and bathrooms. The building is an Okinawa-style family house, so there are no stairs and you can spend a relaxing time even with small children and wheelchaired guests.
There are also restaurants nearby, so it is very convenient to walk to get food or dine, there are also taverns where you can eat Okinawan food and supermarkets nearby.
The room is equipped with both indoor WiFi and portable pocket WiFi, so the internet environment is also enhanced.
As each room is air-conditioned, it is easy to keep away the southern Okinawa heat. It is such a comfortable place.
You can enjoy the mornings and nights without the flutter as there are two bathrooms and two toilets at the same time making it enjoyable by groups and multiple families alike.
Please make my room a base for your travels to spend an enjoyable trip in Okinawa!
Please feel free to contact me if you have any tourist attractions, recommended gourmet or local experience in Okinawa.
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Cancellation Policy

How do I know the cancellation policy for this room type?

There will be different cancellation rules for each room type. You can see the detailed regulations by clicking the Cancel Policy or the free cancellation text in the room type information.

What should I do if I want to amend or cancel this booking?

Once a booking is complete, you will find a link to the member center in your booking confirmation email where you can check/print your booking details or cancellations. If you want to modify your order, please cancel the original order first and then set up a new one.

Refund Information

For refunds due to cancellations or early checkouts will refund your original payment method (including credit card, ATM transfer and digital wallets) as long as the refund policy are complied with. Please allow a few business days after we receive the item to process your return and credit your payment. Refund timeline to credit cards depends on the progress of individual credit card companies in their account settlement, which would take about 3 to 14 working days. ATM refund would take about 3 to 5 working days. The refunds of e-wallets, digital wallets, or the other payment system will base on the service provider.