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Reikaku Yasaka

Kyoto-shi, Kyoto Prefecture
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明斌 陳
This is a big push, although the price is high, the decoration design here is definitely worth the price, and the equipment inside is also very good. It is located in a convenient location, the nearby living function is good, and the tourist attractions are also within walking distance.

Nearby landmarks

Approx. 0.61 km from Hanamikoji Street
Approx. 0.64 km from Yasaka Shrine
Approx. 0.69 km from Keihan Gion Shijo Station
Approx. 0.7 km from Keihan Kiyomizu Gojo Station
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Room type

Premium Kyoto style Machiya
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Entire houseNon-smoking roomTraditional futonSinglePrivate bathroom63 m²
Additional guests:4
JPY 5,000 per additional guest/day
Nightly Rate
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JPY 32,300
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明斌 陳
This is a big push, although the price is high, the decoration design here is definitely worth the price, and the equipment inside is also very good. It is located in a convenient location, the nearby living function is good, and the tourist attractions are also within walking distance.
興成 林
At night I slept well, the inside was cleaned very clean, the equipment provided was very good, and the location was good. It was just a neighborhood department store and historical sites nearby.
宜芳 蕭
The host is very enthusiastic. When there are difficulties or problems, we will provide our help immediately. The overall stay is very satisfactory. The location is very good. Many attractions are very fast. I can't find any shortcomings. I am very satisfied.
Kelly 張
Hong Kong
The location is very good, many attractions are very convenient, the house has a lot of space, the decoration is very good, the internal environment is also very clean, there are many restaurants nearby to try it out, I liked a stay.

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Check-in Information

Self check-inHost or reception assist check-inEarly check-in available (confirm with host in advance)Stay with host

Check-in Rules

Check-in time15:00 - 22:00Check-out time10:00

Host or reception assist check-in

15:00 - 22:00

Penalty Fee

Late check-out fee (per hour): JPY 10,000


Please note: the host does not provide invoices or receipts.

House Rules

•Our guests are not allowed to smoke and using fire like candle,aroma, fireworks inside nor outside of the building.
•Please take off your shoes at the entrance area.
•Given Reikaku’s Machiya are all situated in residential areas, please keep quiet especially during the night time.
•Please keep your luggage on the entrance or over the prepared mat. Bringing the luggage into the room will cause damage to the delicate wooden flooring and tatami that is extremely costly to repair.
•Please keep a rubbish inside the building.

Reminder: All guests have to show passport to verify identity when checking in. Accommodation tax or bathing tax may be charged on-site depending on the city.


Reikaku Yasaka was a building in ruins with floor on the left and right hand side of the building tilted by at least 30cm when we discovered this hidden jewel. Prior to the formal restoration of Reikaku in 2017, there was number of large scale renovation of the property carried out by the previous owner in the 80s when this Machiya was extended all the way to the street to allow for construction of modern squared shape house that maximized the indoor space. Restoration was particularly difficult due to the state it was in but our craftsman’s determination to bring this Machiya back to its formal glory paid off for Reikaku Yasaka.
Reikaku Yasaka is located in one of the best residential locations in Kyoto. It is named as such because it is only few steps to Yasaka Dori where one of the most famous Pagodas in Kyoto (commonly known as Yasaka Tower) from Hokanji Temple is clearly visible. In the vicinity, there are number of high-end restaurants that have been awarded Michelin Stars with atmosphere that is one and only in Kyoto. In addition, a casual walk around the area will get you to the world heritage Kiyomizu temple, Kodaiji Temple, Kenninji, Gion, modern department stores and traditional boutique stores.
Reikaku Yasaka is a Machiya that has been built for nearly 100 years. Our carefully crafted design is able to maintain the authenticity of the building with the comfort of modernity. When entering the entrance of Reikaku Yasaka, the tall ceiling, open space and woodwork will be sure to impress. After entering into the main part of the building, there is modern living room and kitchen with natural wooden flooring with a Japanese tatami room towards the back of the building. Although both rooms have a clear view of our Japanese garden, we specifically located the tatami room towards the back side next to the spectacular Japanese Garden designed by a Kyoto based professional gardener to give you a level of serenity you deserve.
On the second floor, you can clearly see the wooden frame of the original structure still remain firmly intact above two separate bedrooms, this is the essence of what Kyoto’s craftsman were trying to preserve. Rather than creating two separate tatami rooms, we have decided to craft one of the rooms in tatami and the other in natural wood to clearly expose the contrasting beauty of both. Looking outside of the window from the tatami room, you will also see the garden of one of the oldest temple in Japan.
Reikaku Yasaka is not short of modern facilities despite the fact that it is over 100 years old. With a washroom on both floors and a bathroom with direct access to the Japanese garden, this premium accommodation will fulfil your need to relax after a busy day of sightseeing in Kyoto across all seasons.

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