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CocoConne Fukuoka Nishijin

Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka
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Entire House
Enjoy the entire house with full privacy
Family And Group Friendly
The first choice for group or family trip.
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孟儒 陳
The house is very new, the furnishings and cleaning in the house are very good, the environment is very comfortable to live in, the location is very convenient, the subway walks about 2 minutes, the overall price is very good

Nearby landmarks

Approx. 1.18 km from Fukuoka Tower
Approx. 1.63 km from Ohori koen
Approx. 94 m from Fukuoka Subway Nishijin Station
Approx. 1.03 km from Fukuoka Subway Fujisaki Station
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Room type

CONNE Entire House(Private Vacation Plan)
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Entire houseNon-smoking roomSofa bedSingleShared bathroom92.28 m²
Nightly Rate
Lowest price available
JPY 25,000
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Basic Twin Room, Non Smoking, Connecting Rooms
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Private roomNon-smoking roomTraditional futonShared bathroom13.06 m²
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Non-Smoking Single Room
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Private roomNon-smoking roomTraditional futonShared bathroom8 m²
Please select date to see rates
Basic Triple Room, Non Smoking, Corner
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Private roomNon-smoking roomTraditional futonShared bathroom11.3 m²
Please select date to see rates
Basic Triple Room - Non-Smoking Corner 2F
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Private roomNon-smoking roomTraditional futonShared bathroom12 m²
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孟儒 陳
The house is very new, the furnishings and cleaning in the house are very good, the environment is very comfortable to live in, the location is very convenient, the subway walks about 2 minutes, the overall price is very good
翔雄 蕭
Although the room is a bit small, it is comfortable, simple, clean, great location, convenient transportation, and very friendly staff. There are convenience stores and restaurants nearby, a good stay.
彥廷 Wang
The house is very new, the environment is very clean, the host is very enthusiastic, and there are any problems that will be solved. The location is great, the station is nearby, and the overall stay is very comfortable.
品潔 Liu
The location is very convenient, the subway station is near the downstairs, but the space inside the room is too small, it is comfortable to sleep, generally speaking, it is not bad.

Services & Facilities

Most popular facilities

Luggage storage(Free)Parking lotElevatorStair accessLaundromat(Free)Drying machines(Free)Portable WiFiPlug adapterLockerAirport pick-upNo smoking
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Check-in Information

Host or reception assist check-inEarly check-in available (confirm with host in advance)

Check-in Rules

Check-in time16:00 - 22:00Check-out time11:00

Host or reception assist check-in

16:00 - 22:00

Guest Age Limitation

Guests under the age of 2 are prohibited.

Penalty Fee

Late check-out fee (per hour): JPY 2,000


Please note: the host does not provide invoices or receipts.

House Rules

Reception Business Hour 8:30AM-10:00PM
Please make sure our business hour.
Check in Time 4:00PM-10:00PM
Please let me know before coming if you cannot check-in time between 16:00-23:00
You can check in your baggage after 13:00.
Check out Time 11:00AM
It is available to change check-out time to 13:00.
*We will receive extra fee for changing check out time.1000JPY per hour.

PIN Number for the Entrance
We will inform you of the pin number for the entrance sometime after 11:30 AM one day before the check in day. *This pin number is changed every day between 11:30 AM-12:00 due to the security reason. After changing the number, we will inform you of this number by email.

Please turn off the light in room, air conditioner or other electric device.

Electric Device
Please make sure the way to use electric device.

Washing Machine
You can use laundry machine only if you inform us of using laundry by reservation verification email.

Bottled Water
You can drink bottled water in the guest room by free.

You can use TV. Please watch TV with proper volume.

The Internet  
Free-WIFI is available in the guest house. We inform you of the SSID and key code when check in.

You can use kitchen. Please keep your eye on gas burners in the gas stove when cooking. Please do not cook fried food. Please wash up dishes and cook wares. Please let us know after cooking. We will wash up again from the viewpoint of public health and sanitation management.

Bath and Shower
Please do not take a bath after drinking. Please make sure turn off the switch of bath tab after using. Please do not color or hair cut in bath. Please make sure turn off the switch of shower after using.

Please make sure turn off the faucet after using. Please do not color or hair cut in the wash room.

Bath Room
Please cleanly use toilet. Please read the toilet manual and make sure how to use it.
Please flush only equipped toilet paper. If you flush other than toilet paper, we cannot use toilet.
Please flush used toilet paper in the toilet. Please do not take out the installed toilet paper.


Please use towels only to dry of the body and face. Please take out the used face towels or put them into flammable garbage/trash box. Please put the bath towels into the bath towels box in the guest room.

Linen Change and the Guest Room Cleaning on Consecutive Night Stay
We are making efforts to respect the local resources in consideration of the environment and we are only accepting daily linen change and guest room cleaning every day for those who want to do so. * We are giving presents for those who approve of our guesthouse's efforts.
For customers stay at CONNE 福岡西新consecutive nights for more than a week, we will exchange linen and cleaning the room once a week from the viewpoint of sanitation management.

Please do not jump on the bed. Do not do anything other than sleeping in bed.
Please be careful to get the sheet clean. Please do not put baggage in the storage part of the bed.

Be careful not to soil or damage the furniture.

This guest house has a completely smoke-free policy.
The inside of the guesthouse, the building and the premises are completely smoke – free.
We installed smoke detectors. so we ask for your cooperation.

Please note that guests with pets can not be accommodated.

Locking Each Room
After checking in we will inform you the PIN code of each room's electronic lock (which is different from the entrance PIN number). Please be sure to lock when leaving the room.
※ The door of the hotel will be locked automatically when you close it, so please be careful not to forget your PIN number.

The Accident / Theft
We are not responsible for any accidents or theft that occurred under your control, so please understand in advance. You can use your valuables box placed in each room.
Please take off your shoes and go up. (Please put your shoes in the shoe box)Please do not respond even if the interphone rings. Please do not bring people to the room except guests. Please do not bother in the neighborhood. Please do not play music with loud volume (= volume that can be heard in the next room).Parties with customers only are prohibited. Please do not bring in or use drugs. Burning incense in the room or sprinkling smells with strong smells is regarded as dirty and separately receives cleaning fee. Please be aware that it is strictly forbidden to bring in living things, combustibles and dangerous goods.
※ Drinking
Please refrain from act of annoying other customers, such as entering in a state of drunkenness. Depending on the degree, we may refuse admission. In order for the guests to have a pleasant and comfortable stay at this guesthouse, the administrator and management agent decide on drinking in the hall and stop it immediately if it is deemed excessive.

3F Veranda
The use of 3F veranda by customers only is prohibited in principle.

Please put garbage/trash into Flammable Garbage/Trash→ RED / Nonflammable Garbage/Trash→ Black based on the garbage/trash category.

Garbage/Trash Category

Category 1: Flammable Garbage/Trash(Red):Paper garbage / PET bottle (Please crush) · Plastic garbage · Garbage.

Category 2: Nonflammable Garbage/Trash(黒):Aluminum · Steel Can · Glass Bottle · Dry Battery · Completely Used Spray Can Only.
Amenity and rental service
Paying Amenity
100 JPY for the coffee cup and one coffee capsule set.

Free Rental Amenities
Dryer, bath towel, bath mat, transformer, connector, toothbrush, face towel and comb,

If you damage the thing in the room, we may ask you for compensation if it becomes excessively dirty or broken. If you have anything you do not understand or if you have any troubles, please contact the following phone number or e-mail address. Please note that the contents of this manual are subject to change without notice.

Phone Number :090-8357-0745/ e-mail

Please acknowledge that there is a possibility that it reflects on the evaluation of each reservation site when the administrator judges that you can not observe the house rules above.

Administrator:Yu Takioka
Emergency Contact
Administrator's name: Yu Takioka

Management office address: 〒814-0002, 3-6-1, Nishi-jin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka prefecture
Phone number +81 090-8357-0745: E-mail address:

Police station Contact address: Sawara police station:〒814-0006, 1-5-15, Momochi, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi
Phone number:+81 092-847-0110

Fire department contact address: Takara fire department:〒814-0001, 1-3-1, Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi
Phone number: +81 092-821-0245

Neighborhood medical institution Contact

Social Medical Corporation Taiseikai Fukuoka Memorial Hospital (Alien accepted)
〒814-8525, 1-1- 35 Nishi - jin, Sawara - ku, Fukuoka – shi
Phone number: +81 092-821-4731

Fukuoka Sanno Hospital
〒814-0001 3-6-45 Momochihama, Sawaraku, Fukuoka-shi
Phone number: +81 092-832-1100
How to Use Firearms and Precautions
When using a gas stove, please keep an eye on it. In case of catching fire, please use fire extinguisher and try to extinguish fire and call administrator · firefighter119.
Fire Extinguishers etc Installation Site of Fire-Fighting Equipment and Notes etc.
Fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment installation sites are installed at each room entrance Please check evacuation route and extinguisher installation location map.

Evacuation Route in the Event of a Disaster
Evacuation routes, fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment installation location maps are set up near the entrance of each room, please confirm.

Evacuation Places in the Event of a Disaster

Nishi Jin Kominkan
〒814-0002, 2-10-10 Nishijin, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi
Phone Number:+81 092 -851-9925

Fukuoka Shuyukan High School Ground
〒814-0002, 6-1-10 Nishi Jin Chome, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka Prefecture
Phone Number:+81 092-871-2018

Reminder: All guests have to show passport to verify identity when checking in. Accommodation tax or bathing tax may be charged on-site depending on the city.


It is a new-built single-family guesthouse within 1 minute on foot from Nishi-Shin Station no. 3 exit.This guest house is run by family. Free WiFi, bathtub, kitchen, washing machine with dryer, coffee maker, tatami-bed and so on are also provided. It is suitable for long term stay as well as short term. We also have options such as dinner together and sightseeing spots and a workshop (additional fee needed) to introduce Fukuoka's food culture. In addition, it takes 8 minutes to downtown area of Tenjin by municipal subway. Yafuoku Dome, Fukuoka City Museum, Southwest University are within walking distance, and it is suitable for business, event, sightseeing, qualification examination or entrance examination. Access is good for any purpose of stay. Parking lot is within one minute walking distance, so please use it. You can stay with confidence because it is an inn permission facility.

Cancellation Policy

How do I know the cancellation policy for this room type?

There will be different cancellation rules for each room type. You can see the detailed regulations by clicking the Cancel Policy or the free cancellation text in the room type information.

What should I do if I want to amend or cancel this booking?

Once a booking is complete, you will find a link to the member center in your booking confirmation email where you can check/print your booking details or cancellations. If you want to modify your order, please cancel the original order first and then set up a new one.

Refund Information

For refunds due to cancellations or early checkouts will refund your original payment method (including credit card, ATM transfer and digital wallets) as long as the refund policy are complied with. Please allow a few business days after we receive the item to process your return and credit your payment. Refund timeline to credit cards depends on the progress of individual credit card companies in their account settlement, which would take about 3 to 14 working days. ATM refund would take about 3 to 5 working days. The refunds of e-wallets, digital wallets, or the other payment system will base on the service provider.