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Host obligations and rights
Room listing and fulfillment of contract
All properties listed on must meet reasonable standards of safety, functionality and cleanliness. Hosts are obligated to and responsible for ensuring that their properties correspond to the description they provide on, and offering the agreed services. Hosts must observe the following:

Photos of room listings must be genuine and accurate, and they must be recent.

Properties must be cleaned before guests arrive. Personal items such as bedding and toiletries should also be replaced.

Ensure that all amenities listed on are provided and are in working order (such as water, electricity, air-con/heating, showers and cable TV, etc.). If not, they must obtain prior permission from guests.

Locks on doors and windows are working properly.

Avoid health and safety issues (such as exposed wiring, dirty environments, or pest disturbances).

Safe and sufficient lighting.

Have communicated with guests about noise and pets (such as noise at night and no-pet policies).

Hosts (or their staff) should immediately solve any problems guests may encounter upon their arrival and provide necessary assistance.

If amenities are found to be broken or unusable at no fault of the guests, guests should immediately notify the host to change or repair them. If this affects the quality of the guest’s stay, hosts should arrange for another room that meets the guest’s requirements or find alternative accommodation for them.

If the host is unable to fulfill any of the above service obligations, guests will be entitled to a full or partial refund. AsiaYo will assist refunding fee to the guests and will take the following measures with hosts:

Property rankings will be negatively affected which will also impact ratings.

Temporarily suspend listings by the host on

Permanently delete the host’s account from and their properties and terminate their contract.

AsiaYo will charge a maximum of 100% of the original room rate in order to compensate for the extra administrative expenses and negative impact incurred.
Where guests have to change their plans or suffer other damages due to hosts breaching the aforesaid service responsibilities, the host shall be held responsible for rectifying the situation. reserves the right to decide which properties will be listed by hosts on its website, or to require that hosts take corrective or any other measures where required.

Hosts should send out a Member Booking Reservation Request Confirmation Letter Email or SMS via, and within 24 hours go to E-system -> Booking Management and confirm booking details.When the host selects Accept, a tenancy agreement will be established and the room should be reserved immediately. Where this reservation contract cannot be fulfilled due to reasons attributable to the host, the host is obligated to offer another room type (of at least the same quality and condition as the original room) and absorb any price difference. Where the host is unable to provide another room, they should personally communicate this with the guest. If the guest agrees, the host will offer a full refund. AsiaYo will work with the host to provide this refund. Otherwise, the host should assist in arranging other accommodation (of at least the same quality and condition as the original room) and absorb any price difference.

Due to reasons attributable to the host (including but not limited to cessation of business, remodeling, etc.) the host wishes to terminate this contract, they shall be responsible for fulfilling all bookings that have been accepted and are still outstanding (reservation contracts) before the termination of the contract, or arrange alternative accommodation for guests, or offer a refund. When arranging alternative accommodation, the host is obligated to offer a room (of at least the same quality and condition as the original room) and absorb any price difference.

Due to force majeure or other causes not attributable to the fault of either party, including but not limited natural disasters such as typhoons and earthquakes and other major disasters that lead to the local government announcing cessation of classes or work, or temporary cancellations of passenger booking by boat, rail and air resulting in guests being unable to travel, guests should select a different check-in date or request from AsiaYo a refund of the total room rate already paid (not including service fee) with no objection from the host. Where guests cancel bookings which are not due to the aforementioned, such as due to poor weather, this will be deemed as a personal reason and none of the above shall apply.