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Where to Stay in Tokyo?
  • Tokyo is a massive metropolitan area containing 23 separate districts. It boasts the largest economy of any one city in the world, and would be the 8th largest economy if it were its own country. When deciding on where to stay in Tokyo, you should consider three main factors: convenient transportation, delicious food, and fun things to do.
    The most efficient way to get around is by rail. Tokyo Station is one of the best places to stay, but any accommodation near the Yamanote Line or subway station is ideal. Yamanote Line is extremely convenient due to it's circular course, passing through many of Tokyo's most popular destinations.
    The Western side of Tokyo is modernized and developed. The Eastern side is more suitable for those who wish to experience the traditional side of Tokyo, also typically offering cheaper accommodation options.

Types of Rooms to Stay in Tokyo
  • Tokyo has many different types of hotels. Offering everything from five star luxury western hotels, budget business hotels, hostels and traditional ryokans. Here’s a quick overview of the different types accommodations offered.
    ・Western Style Hotels: Same large-chain hotels you see at home. Generally more expensive.
    ・Business Hotels: Traditionally cater to businessmen, offering the needed basics and typically close to transportation. A good option for those on a budget.
    ・Capsule Hotels: A great alternative to hostels, but slightly more expensive. Popular amongst tourists, mostly for the experience.
    ・Ryokan & Minshuku: Recommended to get an authentic feel for traditional Japanese lifestyle. Minshukus are similar, but typically family owned/operated.

Areas To Stay & Things to Do in Tokyo
  • ・Tokyo station: One of the most popular places to stay for first time visitors or seasoned travelers alike. Here you will find Tsukiji Fish Market, The Imperial Palace, Hama-rikyu Onshi-teien Garden, and of course, Tokyo Station.
    ・Shinjuku: The world's busiest railway station also the largest entertainment, business, and shopping area in Tokyo. Has the second most convenient subway station after Tokyo Station. Popular attractions include: Golden Gai District, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, Shinjuku Gyoen Garden, and countless shopping options.
    ・Shibuya: Popular amongst the younger crowd, and a fashion hotspot. Here you'll find the Hachiko Plaza, Shibuya Crossing, Meiji-jingu Shrine, and tons of second-hand designer clothes shops.
    ・Asakusa: Excellent to get away from the glitz and glamour of modern Tokyo, and experience the slightly more laid back, traditional part of Tokyo. Things to do in Asakusa: Tokyo Sky Tree, Sumida Park, Senso-ji Temple, and Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo.
    ・Ebisu: Where the wealthy urbanites of Tokyo live. Great for experiencing Porsche cafe, trendy clothing shops, hip restaurants, and walking along the calm, broad boulevards.
    ・Akihabara: The best place to stay for diehard anime and manga fans, also for lovers of new technology and gadgets. Akihabara is where famous Maid Cafes are located, as well as Yodabashi Electronics store, one of the largest camera stores in the world.